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Why In2 Athletics?

Following the 2012 Olympics & Paralympics, and more recently the Commonwealth Games in 2014, our club - along with many other athletics clubs - has experienced an increased interest - particularly from younger athletes.

Since 2012, demand from athletes aged 8 - 11 has exceeded the club capacity for that age group, and applicants have been held on waiting lists until capacity exists to induct them. (Waiting lists have reached over 100 at times)

UK Athletics does not allow affiliated clubs to coach athletes under 8 years of age, and we have also experienced an increase in interest from parents of children younger than 8.
To increase club capacity, for young people aged over 8, and also to allow under 8's to try out " fun athletics " we have set up 5 Satellite clubs.
In partnership with South Yorkshire Sport, Rotherham MBC & PfP Leisure we have set up the In2 Athletics satellite clubs to increase capacity & provide a " stepping stone " into the club, for those who wish to develop further ie be coached and to compete for the club.

The clubs run weekly athletics sessions for athletes aged 5 years and older. The sessions will be run by club leaders who are qualified coaches working to standards set by the club.
Each club will deliver sessions using the " Athletics 365 " format. This is the young athlete development programme recommended and designed by England Athletics.

The intention is that the clubs will offer enjoyable sessions which are fun, but also help develop agility, balance and co-ordination to enable the attendees to improve their fitness and technique.
The clubs are able to send representative teams to " inter club " competitions, organised by Rotherham Harriers and held at Herringthorpe Stadium.

Athletes who display ability and commitment will be offered the chance to join the parent club at Herringthorpe, as & when capacity is available. Following the 2015 event (held on the 5th June) 12 athletes were invited to join the club. The satellite clubs will therefore offer a pathway into the club, for those who are interested in athletics, but have no competition experience.

The table below shows the session day & times and the week the session starts. For each of the sessions you can just turn up to the session or for any more information, or to reserve a place, please contact the session contact details directly.

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