We have been asked by School Sports Organiser for Rotherham to not publish individual results owing to GDPR concerns
If this embargo is lifted we will go ahead
We may be able to publish names without schools at least- please keep having a look

However I can still chase up any specific problems if you want to contact schools@rotherhamharriers.org

Year 34 Girls Team results: missing St Pius cluster: corrected

All Team Results

The teams are scored by adding together the finishing positions of the first 8 runners to finish in each cluster team
The lowest score is the winner

Year 3/4 Girls

Year 3/4 Boys

Year 5/6 Girls

Year 5/6 Boys

Thank you for amendments sent so far

If you need alterations to be made or if you can supply missing infromation, please contact schools@rotherhamharriers.org and quote any relvant name, school, and running number

The 56 Boys years were quoted wrongly in the initial results, this was entirely my fault
I think they are OK now, let me know if not

I also was not able to help a couple of people who had queries after the race, being too frantically occupied in correcting errors.
I can probably help now if you can get in touch as above