Competition at RHAC

We recognise that not everyone enjoys competition- and we wouldn't try to force it on you. The value of getting yourself fit- to enjoy your environment, enjoy your food- your whole life in fact may be en end in itself. Fair enough. However, RHAC is a competitive club. A very competitive club in the eyes of our opponents! We would like ALL our members to compete at some level- both on their own behalf against members of this and other clubs, and as club members against other clubs. The suggestions which follow should show you that there are opportunities to do that no matter how good or modest a runner you are.


As a simple matter of pride, you should wear your club vest whenever you compete in public. (If you haven't got one, it's &163; 12 from Steve Gaines) And, believe it or not, just as you are impressed or proud of winners and front runners (like our ladies winning the northern relays), they will be supportive of you if you have the vest on.


Traditionally, everyone starts out by running on the road. Newcomers to the club have run, or want to run, a half marathon (sometimes even a marathon). This is entirely understandable, and it is a huge motivator. I include some suggestions later. But you should not get carried away by repeated attempts to improve half-marathon performance to the exclusion of other events- for one thing, it doesn't work

Events for beginners and improvers

Have a look at the general event list on the left. By all means, run your half-marathon. But make choices (from a variety of event types) to try shorter runs (5k park runs at first perhaps). It will help your half times enormously if you know how fast you can run a 5k and a 10k. There are 4 South Yorkshire Road races in spring, try them. Throughout the year (almost) the KMRT series provides a competitive but not stressful challenge with largely off-road events (using trails etc). These are very suitable for beginners. Just by taking part you improve RHAC's reputation. And the SY Cross-country series (of 4) is open to all members- you would need shoes with a grip sole especially if it's wet or sludgy. Bearing in mind all the above, here is a list and explanation of some of the various events competitions that members can get involved in.

Road Racing

Still hugely popular though not like in it's heyday. Local authority lack of cooperation means no such events in Rotherham, and they are fewer and farther between in general- and the more recent arrivals are enormously expensive. And you're not even guaranteed a decent start- so I would pick them with care. 5k Park Runs have become popular. Peter Neal is road secretary at RHAC.

Trail Events

Often long distance events, though not always. Getting out into the real country is an added attraction to many. Strong runners (endurance-wise) do well here. Many trail races now take place because of road runs being forced out of existence (eg KMRT series) Sharon Burton is i/c trail and fell at RHAC, you can also talk to other experienced trail runners (eg Kerry Booth, Brian Harney, Henry Marston, Kevin Thomas). The same people can guide you on fell running opportunities, also say John Spencer who has competed fell for some while. Trail shoes (maybe big-soled ordinary running shoes) are required.


Many short trail events these days can equally be called 'cross country'. Dedicated shoes, with spikes, are very useful but you can normally manage OK with trail shoes or even decent road shoes unless there is a lot of mud. Sometimes there is. A lot of mud. In drier conditions, cross-country is a delight. Steve Gaines for information.


Getting more popular. You will have seen triathlon on the TV- with various distances for run, bike and swim. RHAC has a number of gifted, champion and nationally-selected triathletes. Some of them train at eg Manvers or Westfield. Contact any of Gary Ridgeway, Peter Neal, Elliott Smales (or Phil) or Paula Fisher for guidance.


Now for some descriptions of available events for you,starting local and getting national.

1- KMRT Series

This is a series of 12 races organised by Rotherham with Maltby, Kimberworth and Tickhill running clubs. They are open races ie other clubs compete, but most entrants come from the KMRT clubs. Each race has its own prizes, entry fees are usually low, and there are many catgory prizes for vets & juniors.

Rules: Competition for awards in the KMRT series is open to all runners irrespective of what club they are from or whether they are club members. The categories for awards** (strictly within stated category) are: Male: U20, senior, vets 40-44, 45-49, 50-54, 55-59, 60-64 and 65+ Female: U20, senior, vets 35-39, 40-44, 45-49, 50-54, 55-59, and 60+ **please note that awards and categories in an individual race may well be different to the series rules Scoring: your best eight races. Decision by: If eight races run or fewer: 1) the runner with most races completed. 2) If equal number of races completed by 2 or more runners: head-to-head results in races. 3) If (2) does not decide a winner, organisers will examine results and adjudicate. If more than 8 races done by 2 or more runners: (2) and (3) will apply. Series may be won with fewer than 8 races completed, but the organisers will not award if they consider too few have been done. Awards At end of series race (26/12/11) Organisers' decision will be final.

Races for 2013 were/are as follows:
Sun 31 Mar Bassingthorpe 11am Rotherham Sun 7 Apr Not the Gala Run 11am Tickhill Sun 19 May offTRAC 10 11am Tickhill Wed 22 May Memorial Race 7pm Maltby Tue 11 Jun Kimmy Kanter 7pm Kimberworth Wed 19 Jun Ulley Res 7.15pm Rotherham Wed 03 Jul Roche Abbey Dash 7pm Maltby Wed 24 Jul Prince 5k 7.15pm Rotherham Sun 13 Oct Hog Roast 10.30am Tickhill Sun 27 Oct Canal Run 11am Kimberworth Sun 15 Dec Santa Special 11am Kimberworth Tue 26 Dec Turkey Trot 11am Maltby 2014 series are likely to be the same, or at least similar. Open to all-comers, but very suitable for beginners or improvers. Great atmosphere.

2- South Yorks Road League

A series of 4 road races (5 miles) in the spring. All entrants members of one club or another, the standard is a complete range of abilities. Any club member can enter. Dates and venues announced next month.

3- South Yorks Cross-country League

A series of 4 races. See page 4 for 2013 details.

4- Relays- Round Rotherham

Relay racing is one of the great events in athletics of any kind. There are very few 'trail event' relays, Round Rotherham is one of them. Open to anyone who is drafted into a team. Finding the route and making take-over arrangements is a very sociable experience into the bargain.

5- Relays- Open Cross-country

Not that common, but Sheffield Open on December 28th is one such. You are welcome to run in this event and should let Steve Gaines know so he can place you in a team.

6- Relays- Open Road Relays

Again, very few opportunities but one such locally is the South Yorkshire Road Relays held annually in early summer at (normally) Bradfield. Let Steve or Peter Neal know if interested. Four (ladies three) times 2.5 miles is the distance.

7- Club Teams- Road Relays

At Yorkshire, North of England and National levels, road relays are a bit more serious. The Yorkshire relays, held at varying locations, are 6 by 2-3 miles (approx) for men and four stages for ladies. Usually September. Any number of teams are possible (also often incorporates veteran teams) but names have to be entered in advance so you need to make your interest known to organisers. A fair few of the people I run with are capable of competing now at this level. At North of England level, competition is understandably stronger. Two or three teams are allowed, entries made a number of weeks in advance. The numbers are 12 (men) and 6 (ladies) in the spring, 6 (men) and 4 (ladies) in the autumn/late summer. The National Road Relays, always held at Sutton Coldfield barring emergencies, are for me the absolute highlight of inter-club competition and of road running. The atmosphere in the park is fabulous and electric. The event follows the area relays by about to weeks with essentially the same format. Clubs have open ladies' entry to the national, but men have to get in the top 20 or so in the area competition to qualify for the national. Young Athletes relays are also held.

8- Club Teams- Cross country Relays

Northern and National relays are similar in outline to the road events but there is only one of each. Six (men) and four (ladies) stages. Teams selected from entries made in advance. Veteran relays are also run, I think usually incorporated into the same event.

9- Club Teams- Cross country

The Yorkshire, Northern and National Cross-country Championships take place in the winter months and can be seen in the accompanying Fixture List. Teams are not declared in advance but the runners are, and the first scorers to arrive in the race make up the team. I think it fair to say that you need to be a strong runner to feature in the northern or national, but the county competition is perhaps a little less demanding (not at the front of course). When I say 'Yorkshire' in these notes, I really should say 'county' as we are all aware a good number of you are qualified for eg Nottinghamshire. There are separate veteran events. Make sure Steve knows of your interest.

Age Limits

All competitions whether open or club teams have age limits on entry- these will be published separately soon.

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August 2019
Thu 01 AugButchers Dog LegopenBraithwell (Maltby RC) KMR#7
Sat 10 AugNoEAA Senior League 4club teamsVenue Herringthorpe
Sun 11 AugSYTF Championships at Dorothy Hyman, CudSY clubsSee attached for entry, schedule to followform
Thu 15 AugStans Toffee RunopenElsecar (Kimberworth) KMR#8
September 2019
Sat 21 SepIvan Stringer Memorial MeetingopenSee attached for detailsform
Sat 28 SepWickersley ChaseopenWod La Wickersley KMR#9 date provis
October 2019
Sat 12 OctRowbotham's Round Rotherhamopenindividual and relay (8) Manvers Waterfront
November 2019
Sun 03 NovCanal RaceopenRotherham (Kimb. nr New York Stad) KMR#10
December 2019
Sun 15 DecSanta SpecialopenDroppingwell (Kimbth) KMR#11
Thu 26 DecBoxing Day RaceopenBraithwell (Maltby RC) KMR#12

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