beginners [Please note that these pages are for Adult Beginners; young athletes and their parents or carers should look at 'Young Athletes'' above.]

Adult Beginners Groups

These pages explain the activities of RHAC adults beginners groups. If you are an absolute beginner it may be that you wish to become a runner, or maybe you just see it as a way to improve your fitness and your lifestyle.

We run two types of group for beginners:
•If you are an absolute starter, have a look at the "Couch to 5k" plan shown in this page
•If you are capable of running to some extent, though not much, you could go the direct path described below

All our groups run from the stadium at Herringthorpe on
Monday at 6.30pm and Wednesday at 6.30pm (meet a bit earlier)
These include beginners, intermediate, and faster groups.

If you want to join us in the intermediate or faster groups, you should look at the section of website 'Run and train' where these are described. If you are unsure which to start with, you can try out, and you can change any time

If you feel you should start with the 6.30pm beginners

sign up for 6.30 beginners

Key reasons to opt for 6.30 group
•you are not an absolute beginner or
•you want to advance faster

Some further information
The groups are geared to your requirements, starting with gentle jogging for short distances for absolute beginners and building over time to more strenuous running. The groups organisers will assess from time to time and split the group to accommodate individual progress and requirements.

The beginners group meets as above and runs at 6.30pm. You can just turn up out of the blue but it will help both you and us if you contact us first to confirm details- you can do that easiest by email contact as above

Not a complete beginner? It may be that you are active in other sports or a former runner now out of condition. In such a case you are welcome also to start with the beginners group, or even the improvers group. You can try each and decide later.

Not really a beginner? You may be a runner with some experience, or a gifted newcomer, in which case you would be welcome at the 'faster' group which runs at the same times, 6.30pm on Monday and Wednesday. The time will come anyway, sooner or later, when you should consider moving to a more experienced group so as to maintain your progress.

The beginners group will start with as short a run as necessary, but after a while runs of around 4 to 5 miles are common. The pace is gentle (unless of course you make it faster).
You are very welcome to run with a different group on different days


Beginners: "Couch to 5k"

Rotherham Harriers & AC offers advice, assistance and support to beginners who wish to take on the "Couch to 5k" running plan.

This is a nine-week plan promoted by NHS choices under it's 'Live Well' header, and we will be holding weekly meetings at 5.45pm on our club days (Monday and Wednesday) at Herringthorpe Stadium. There is a modest £2 session fee

New course starting date: 17th September 2018 SOME VACANCIES (recent applicants will be contacted)
Brief details:

• For total beginners
• Nine-week course
• 35 minute-session twice each week
• Monday 5.45pm and Wednesday 5.45pm
• meet at Herringthorpe Stadium
• course is for adults (ie 18 plus)

Clicking this link will take you to a simple form which will allow us to contact you and save time when you start the course

sign up for "couch to 5k" course

If you wish to examine the plan (new window),

click here to visit the 'NHS choices' website

some points from Wendy's welcome letter.....

......the new nine week programme will begin on Monday 17th September 2018. There will be a session every Monday and Wednesday starting at 5.45 pm. We meet at Herringthorpe Stadium. As you enter the stadium you will see our meeting room on the left hand side; the leaders will be in there.

Please ensure that you are wearing enough warm clothing (layers are best), plus something reflective for when we are running on the roads (we won't be doing this straight away as we shall start on the track).

If you have any concerns regarding your health, please consult your GP before running.

At the start of the first session you will be asked to provide a phone contact in case of an emergency.

There will be a nominal charge of £2 per session, as this helps us pay for the use of the track. It would be helpful if you could pay for the two weekly sessions on a Monday, or you can pay for the eighteen sessions up front if you wish........